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 Epidemiology and Prevention pp. 1 - 2 
 Fibroblast growth factor 23 and cardiovascular disease in chronic kidney disease; new trends
 Azar Baradaran
 PDF doi: 10.15171/jpd.2018.01
 Hypothesis pp. 3 - 4 
 Excessive production of parathyroid hormone in association with left ventricular dysfunction in regular hemodialysis patients
 Hamid Nasri
 PDF doi: 10.15171/jpd.2018.02
 Epidemiology and Prevention pp. 5 - 6 
 Challenging look at therapeutic trend of chronic kidney disease–mineral bone disorder in children
 Afshin Safaei-Asl
 PDF doi: 10.15171/jpd.2018.03
 Review pp. 7 - 12 
 Vitamin D deficiency and autism; a review on recent findings
 Nemat Sotodehasl, Mohammad Reza Tamadon, Farhad Malek
 PDF doi: 10.15171/jpd.2018.04
 Original pp. 13 - 15 
 Serum magnesium in association with parathyroid hormone levels in routine hemodialysis patients
 Milad Fooladgar, Afsaneh Malekpour, Shahin Asgari-Savadjani, Saeed Mardani
 PDF doi: 10.15171/jpd.2018.05
 Original pp. 16 - 18 
 Vitamin D deficiency in healthy people and its relationship with gender and age
 Zaher Khazaei, Salman Khazaei, Sara Beigrezaei, Hamid Nasri
 PDF doi: 10.15171/jpd.2018.06
 Original pp. 19 - 22 
 Therapeutic impact of cholecalciferol in patients with psychiatric disorders receiving olanzapine
 Somayeh Kaviyani, Mohammad Bahadoram, Gholamreza Houshmand, Samaneh Bahadoram
 PDF doi: 10.15171/jpd.2018.07
 Original pp. 23 - 25 
 Parathyroidectomy for children with chronic renal failure and secondary hyperparathyroidism; what is the best technique?
 Mohammed Elsherbeny, Ahmed Arafa, Mohammed Abdelsattar, Osama Elnaggar, Mosad Elbehery, Hatem Saafan, Mohammed Abdelmonaem
 PDF doi: 10.15171/jpd.2018.08
 Epidemiology and Prevention pp. 26 - 28 
 Persistent hyperparathyroidism after kidney transplantation; updates on the risk factors and its complications
 Charat Thongprayoon, Wisit Cheungpasitporn
 PDF doi: 10.15171/jpd.2018.09
 Case Report pp. 29 - 31 
 Iatrogenic vitamin D overdose resulting in acute pancreatitis with acute kidney injury
 Rajesh Singh, Manish R Balwani, Umesh Godhani, Pravin Ghule, Priyanka Tolani, Vivek Kute
 PDF doi: 10.15171/jpd.2018.10
 News and Views pp. 32 - 32 
 Cost analysis for somatic and germline SyBr Green PCR method screening for parathyroid gland; a cost analysis from Thailand
 Sora Yasri, Viroj Wiwanitkit
 PDF doi: 10.15171/jpd.2018.11
 Hypothesis pp. 33 - 33 
 Anti-receptor activator nuclear factor κ-B ligand (anti-RANKL) as an antiresorptive agent for renal failure osteoporotic patient
 Mansoor Karimifar, Mozhgan Karimifar
 PDF doi: 10.15171/jpd.2018.12
 Epidemiology and Prevention pp. 34 - 35 
 The underlying pathology of primary hyperparathyroidism; a summary on 87 published cases in Thailand
 Sora Yasri, Viroj Wiwanitkit
 PDF doi: 10.15171/jpd.2018.13
 Review pp. 36 - 38 
 The need for a reliable bone biomarker to better assess chronic kidney disease mineral and bone disorder
 Ramin Tolouian, Ajay Gupta
 PDF doi: 10.15171/jpd.2018.14
 Original pp. 39 - 41 
 Calcium and vitamin D supplements administration in patients with nephrolithiasis; an observational prospective study
 Marwan Ghazi Akel, Iqbal Mohamad Fahs
 PDF doi: 10.15171/jpd.2018.15
 Epidemiology and Prevention pp. 42 - 43 
 Abnormal parathyroid in some important tropical parasitic infections: a new trend
 Sora Yasri, Viroj Wiwanitkit
 PDF doi: 10.15171/jpd.2018.16
 Original pp. 44 - 49 
 Association of serum phosphorus, calcium and parathyroid hormone with cardiovascular calcification in regular hemodialysis patients
 Alireza Nematollahi, Mohammad-Reza Tamadon, Parisa Irannejad, Milad Fouladgar, Mohammad Bahadoram, Saeed Mardani
  doi: 10.15171/jpd.2018.17
 Original pp. 50 - 54 
 Metabolic bone disease in end-stage renal disease patients under regular hemodialysis
 Mohammad Reza Tamadon, Jamileh Moghimi, Vahid Semnani
 Original pp. 55 - 60 
 Relationship of bone density with serum parathyroid hormone in hemodialysis patients; a single center study
 Bita Omidvar, Ali Ghorbani, Mohammad Reza Tamadon, Zahra Sadeghian Broujeni
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