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The Journal of Parathyroid Disease is an Open Access Journal distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, which permits anyone to copy, redistribute, remix, transmit and adapt the work provided the original work and source is appropriately cited. Upon submitting an article, authors are requested to specify their agreement to abide by an open-access Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0). Under the terms of this license, authors retain ownership of the copyright of their articles. The license ensures that the article will be available as widely as possible and that the article can be included in any scientific archive. Abstracts and PDF format of all articles published by this journal are freely available to everyone instantly upon publication.

I4OC standard

This Journal complies with I4OC (Initiative for Open Citations) standards for open citations. The Initiative for Open Citations I4OC is a collaboration between scholarly publishers, researchers, and other interested parties to promote the unrestricted availability of scholarly citation data. Open means that citation data must be freely accessible and reusable without restrictions.